A few more pictures of the raised beds

I took a few more pictures of the raised beds, I have 5 in total. I chose the Square Foot Gardening method so that I could utilize as much of my limited space as possible! This bed has pickling cucumbers, beets, radish and zucchini!This bed had celery, more beets, carrots, cabbage (2 varieties) and Swiss chard.one whole bed dedicated to strawberries!!! For some reason this bed isn’t thriving like the others, I think it gets a little more shade. It has a few cucumbers, peppers and onions! This is the kids ‘for fun’ garden. It has watermelon, pumpkin, cucamelons, squash, sunflower and poppy!

I added a few marigolds into each bed for pest control! Seems to be working so far! Last year I lost my entire cabbage crop to slugs 🐌 


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