Summer Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. We had a beautiful baby girl in April and I am still running a home daycare full time, so the summer was a blur! I just wanted to share some homestead updates and pictures!

We had a bumper crop of pickling cucumbers this year! We canned a lot of pickles to get us through the next year (I think about 55 jars). We picked and canned strawberries for jam. We harvested some wild edibles, such as wild garlic and canned it for future use! I didn’t get as much accomplished this summer as I would have wanted, but having a newborn and two other small kids is a season of life that lends itself to being busy! My older children are back in school now, which gives me time for some more garden work and food preservation and I’m hoping to be more consistent with this blog!

Thanks for stopping in! 🌻🌱🌶🌽🥒🥬

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